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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Port Jefferson (2008)

This I thought was just an ordinary subject until recently when I had a chance to edit this. I thought that the brown grass added a lot of texture in addition to the barn sitting in the middle of this shallow beach area. I love the clear blue sky and the slight reflection of the barn and the pine tree in the water.

It's amazing to see this flock in a strip of rocky white sandbar in the middle of the shallow section of the beach. My digital camera has only 3x optical zoom so I that's as near as I could get.


  1. The picture of the house is incredible! Beautiful colors and composition.

  2. It's beautiful photography, but it's not Port Jefferson. The "barn" is the Gamecock Cottage in Setauket. It is at the end of Trustees Road which runs along West Meadow Beach. A GREAT photo!!!