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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shooting Butterflies at Sweetbriar Nature Preserve, Smithtown, NY

Last weekend, I decided to drop by Sweetbriar Nature Preserve which a couple of miles from my apartment in Nesconset. Sweetbriar is a non-profit organization that protects wildlife in Long Island. It has acres of hiking trails, garden, and different sections where they try to protect and care for the wildlife. Their website is: if you plan to visit Long Island and are a nature lover. Families and children would find this place worth visiting. For those who like photography, every summer, they open the Butterfly Sactuary where you can photographs those gorgeous species of butterflies in the sanctuary. There is a set up fee for you camera if you are a professional.

In my case, I just brought my digital camera and used the macro feature it has to capture some decent pictures. I hope you love them and please comment/critique my works!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Port Jefferson (2008)

This I thought was just an ordinary subject until recently when I had a chance to edit this. I thought that the brown grass added a lot of texture in addition to the barn sitting in the middle of this shallow beach area. I love the clear blue sky and the slight reflection of the barn and the pine tree in the water.

It's amazing to see this flock in a strip of rocky white sandbar in the middle of the shallow section of the beach. My digital camera has only 3x optical zoom so I that's as near as I could get.

More Photos from the Butterfly Sanctuary at Sweetbriar Nature Preserve

Here are more pictures that I took. Believe it or not, most of my pictures were pretty bad and I'm just happy to have taken at least these that I uploaded.